About Northwest Center Commercial Landscaping

Professional Employees

Northwest Center offers you fully trained professional employees, all screened with complete background checks. We match the right personnel with your specific needs and maintain a program of ongoing training.

Client Commitment

Our relationship with you is a team effort. We take a proactive approach, working with you to recognize changing requirements and develop strategies that are efficient and cost-effective. We provide you with regular account reviews and reports. We also hold quarterly roundtable meetings to give you the opportunity to discuss any concerns and new projects. We are constantly looking for innovative ways to reduce your costs and better meet your needs.

Social Responsibility

Northwest Center is a socially responsible company. Our commitment is to conduct our business in ways that produce social, environmental and economic benefit to the communities in which we operate. Learn more about Northwest Center businesses.


Learn more! Find out more about the great work we're doing all over Washington State! Contact us today or visit Northwest Center's website and find out how you can support our vital mission by partnering with Northwest Center Commercial Landscaping.

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